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    Hadiths and Sunnahs
    [ Hadiths and Sunnahs ]

    ·Signs of Qiyamah
    ·A Messenger to Entire Humanity
    ·The Simple Life of Muhammad
    ·Eating habits and diet of the Prophet (PBUH)
    ·Forty Hadith Qudsi
    ·Adhering to the Sunnah of the Prophet (S.A.W)
    ·Holding Fast to the Qur'an and Sunnah V9 B92
    ·Accepting Information Given by a Truthful Person V9 B91

    Grasping Faith
    Posted on Friday, October 28 @ 23:57:22 EDT by admin

    Principles and fundaments People, in general, pray only during times of hardship. What does the Qur’an say about this?

    People who are far from the Qur’an’s morals pray to Allah only when they become sick, or face hardship or some other "disaster." At these times, they understand how helpless they are. However, those who seek refuge in Allah at such times and pray to Him continuously to free them from their troubles and grant them blessings change the minute the situation is resolved. They forget to pray to Allah and thank Him for His blessings. As soon as they are freed from their difficulties, they immediately reveal their insincerity toward Allah.
    Their hypocritical and insincere manner is described in the following terms: When the waves hang over them like canopies, they call upon Allah, making their religion sincerely His. But then when He delivers them safely to the land, some of them are ambivalent. None but a treacherous, thankless man denies Our Signs. (Surah Luqman, 32) Has Allah sent a warner / Messenger to all nations? The verse "There is no community to which a warner has not come" (Surah Fatir, 24), clearly states that Allah has done so. These Messengers explained Allah’s religion to their people, as well as the rituals of worship that they should perform, gave them the glad tidings of Paradise, and warned them about the punishment of Hell. In addition, the Messengers have always been role models for their people, due to their meticulous fulfillment of Allah’s religion, their good morals, and the intense awe of Allah that they feel. Another reason why Allah warns humanity through His Messengers is as follows: Messengers bringing good news and giving warning, so that people will have no argument against Allah after the coming of the Messengers. Allah is Almighty, All-Wise. (Surat an-Nisa’, 165)
    This is a manifestation of Allah’s superior justice. On the Day of Judgment, no one will be able to say that he or she was not warned of Allah’s punishment or had not been told of his or her responsibilities to Allah. In other words, everybody will be justly paid in full.

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