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    Ammaar (Radhiallaho anho) and his parents
    Posted on Saturday, October 29 @ 01:07:19 EDT by admin

    History of Islam or related  Ammaar (Radhiallaho anho) and his parents were also subjected to the severest afflictions. They were tormented on the scorching sands of Makkah.

    RasullAllah (sallallahualhay walahi wassalam) while passing by them would enjoin the patience giving them glad tidings about Paradise. Ammaar’s father Yasir (RadhiaAllah anho) died prolonged sufferings at the hands of the persecutors, and his mother Summaya (RadhiaAllah anho) was killed by Abu Jahl. Who put his spear through the private parts of her body, causing  her death. She had refused to renounce Islam in the face of terrible torture in her old age. The blessed lady was the first to meet martyrdom in the cause of Islam. The first mosque in Islam was built by Ammaar (RadhiaAllaho anho).           When RasullAllah (Sallallaho alahaye walaahi wasallam) emigrated to Madinah, Ammaar (RadhiAllaho anho) offered to build a structure for hum where he could sit, take rest in the afternoon, and say his Salaat under its roof. HJe first colleted stones and built the Masjid in Quba. He fought against the enemies of Islam with great zeal and courage. Once he was fighting in a  battle when he said rejoicngly:                         “I am to meet my friends very soon, I am to meet Muhammad (SallAllaho alahaye walahi wasallam) and his companions.” He then asked for water. He was offered some milk. He took it and said:             “I heard RasulAllah (sallAllah ho alahaye walahi wasallam) saying to me                         :”Milk shall be the last drink of your worldly life.:  He then fought till he met his coveted end. He was then aged about ninety four.

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