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    Companions of Holy Prophet(S.A.W)
    [ Companions of Holy Prophet(S.A.W) ]

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    The Virtue in Giving the Alms (Zakat)
    Posted on Wednesday, July 11 @ 02:47:45 EDT by admin

    Principles and fundaments Expending in Allah’s (swt) Way and Giving the Sadaqa

    Our Prophet (saas) was the one who expended the most from what Allah (swt) gave to him. If anyone wanted anything from the Messenger (saas), he would certainly give, whether it was much or whether it was little; he always gave whatever he could. The pleasure he took from giving was more than the happiness of the person who received. Our Prophet (saas) specified four types of possessions from which to give alms (zakat):

    1) Agricultural products and fruits,

    2) Animals (camel, cattle),

    3) Gold and silver,

    4) All sorts of commercial goods.

    You who believe! Give away some of what We have provided for you before a Day arrives on which there is no trading, no close friendship and no intercession... (Surat Al-Baqara, 254)

    Cooperation had a great place in our Prophet’s (saas) life. He informs us that the best of all aids given are the ones given in secret; this is in order to prevent one’s self from giving in charity in order that people look at us and tell us how good we are! Such an attitude shows a lack of sincerity. Our Prophet (saas) says:

    A man who says that he fears Allah (swt) is the one who gives the sadaqa with his left hand without his right hand hearing it and whose eyes fill with tears while remembering Allah (swt) in secluded places. (Muslim)

    Satan inspires fear for future in people so as to hinder them from giving away from that which Allah (swt) has blessed them with. This way, he drifts them into stinginess. Our Prophet (saas) says that this is a great danger for believers.

    "Don’t be stingy so that Allah (swt) will not deprive you from His blessings. Don’t keep what is surplus of your possessions, so that Allah (swt) will not debar you from His grace. (Muslim)

    On the Day of Judgment when there exists no shadow except for the shadow of the highest layer of heavens, Allah (swt) grants the one who gives time to the poor who is in dept or decides not to take his loan back, the shadow of the highest layer of heavens. Muslim)

    Possessions of the owners of gold and silver who do not give the alms (zakat) become a chain on the Day of Judgment. He is cast into fire with these. This chain of fire brands his face and sides. When this chain of fire cools, it turns into fire again. On the Day of Judgment which is fifty thousand years in terms of our time this recurs until people are called to reckoning. (Sahih Bukhari)

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