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    General Topics Definition of Merriam Webster
    : a hatred of women

    Definition of Oxford
    the hatred of women by men:

    Anyone, male or female, who does right actions and is a believer, will enter the Garden. They will not be wronged by so much as the tiniest speck. (Surah an Nisa, 124)

    This article is in reference to the misogyny on Wikipedia.

    Posted by admin on Monday, December 27 @ 20:17:14 EST (4992 reads)
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    General Topics -Harun YahyaMany plants have a biological clock containing details of their own structure and other life forms that assist them with pollination and that bears a literal resemblance to a computer. The existence of this biological clocks points to a single reality, the fact of Creation.he ability to measure time is an ability that one does not usually expect to see in other living things other than man. It may be thought that this is limited to man, but both plants and animals possess a time-measuring mechanism, or "biological clock."

    Posted by admin on Friday, December 11 @ 09:57:26 EST (2517 reads)
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    General Topics Do they not see the birds suspended in mid-air up in the sky? Nothing holds them there except Allah. There are certainly signs in that for people who believe. (Surat an-Nahl, 79)

    Due to the force of gravity, all bodies left in the air will eventually fall to earth, either fast or slowly. Everything, living or otherwise, is subject to gravity. But as a miracle of Allah (God) birds are able to resist this force and fly upward and downward in the air. They maneuver in the air, and sometimes even fold their wings and glide through it. All details in birds, from their feathers to their lungs, from the arrangement of their feathers to the shape of their wings, are equipped with a special feature and order intended to enable them to fly. A chick totally unaware of the act of flight and the laws of aerodynamics is born with the ability to fly. The chick launches itself downwards and begins to fly, just as if it knew its body was created for flight. This is not information that is taught subsequently or that a bird learns by trial and error. The way a bird knows it has the body structure needed to fly, finds the courage to launch itself into the air and then flies without hitting the ground all happens through Allah’s inspiration.

    Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 25 @ 03:46:24 EST (3307 reads)
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    Islamic Banks Surge, Thanks to Financial Crisis
    General Topics One unexpected byproduct of the global financial crisis has been a boom for Islamic banks. AP business writer Emma Vandore explains: France is becoming the latest country to woo Islamic banks, which avoided much of the damage from the subprime mortgage crisis by following strict principles laid out in the Quran — as the global financial crisis broadens the appeal of Islamic finance. French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde has promised to make adjustments to the regulatory and legal arsenal to enable Paris to become a major marketplace in Islamic finance. At a recent forum in Paris, she said Western financiers could learn a thing or two from the Islamic world as global leaders try to establish "new principles for the international financial system, based on transparency, responsibility and, I would like to add, moderation." "In this sense, Islamic finance is calling out to us," she said.

    Posted by admin on Friday, February 06 @ 07:17:40 EST (3994 reads)
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    Darwinists Have Deceived the World with Fraud
    General Topics Let us consider a scientific theory, the Big Bang for instance. This theory was first proposed on the basis of a suspicion and a hypothesis based on Einstein's theory of relativity. Following that, the search began for the evidence needed to prove that this huge explosion happened. This evidence did really exist. The cosmic microwave background radiation confirming the explosion in question was found and the isotopic nature of the universe (the fact that all space is at -270oC) was discovered. It was also scientifically proved that the universe is constantly expanding, and this was another important and definitive piece of evidence confirming the theory in question. Therefore, the Big Bang theory became one whose every claim had been tested, confirmed and thus proved.

    Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 04 @ 08:54:24 EST (3926 reads)
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