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    Signs of Qiyamah
    Hadiths and Sunnahs صحیح بخاری:جلد اول:حدیث نمبر 82  Bukhari Book 1 Hadith 82

    Narrated Anas: I will narrate to you a Hadith and none other than I will tell you about after it. I heard Allah's Apostle saying: From among the portents of the Hour are (the following):
    1. Religious knowledge will decrease (by the death of religious learned men).
    2. Religious ignorance will prevail.
    3. There will be prevalence of open illegal sexual intercourse. (zina)
    4. Women will increase in number and men will decrease in number so much so that fifty women will be looked after by one man.

    Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 12 @ 17:21:41 EST (1171 reads)
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    A Messenger to Entire Humanity
    Hadiths and Sunnahs The Muslim sacred scripture, namely the Quran, lovingly invites people to accept the man whom God chose to deliver His final message to them: Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him.

    Posted by admin on Thursday, April 24 @ 00:53:59 EDT (3341 reads)
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    The Simple Life of Muhammad
    Hadiths and Sunnahs
    If we compare the life of Muhammad before his mission as a prophet and his life after he began his mission as a prophet, we will conclude that it is beyond reason to think that Muhammad was a false prophet, who claimed prophethood to attain material gains, greatness, glory, or power.

    Posted by admin on Wednesday, January 16 @ 00:46:37 EST (1203 reads)
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    Eating habits and diet of the Prophet (PBUH)
    Hadiths and Sunnahs Praise be to Allaah.

    The Prophet’s guidance with regard to food is perfect guidance. It was described by Ibn al-Qayyim as follows:

    When he put his hand in the food, he would say, “Bismillaah (in the Name of Allaah), and he told people to say this when eating. He said, “When any one of you eats, let him mention the name of Allaah. If he forgets to mention the name of Allaah at the beginning, let him say Bismillaahi fi awwalihi wa aakhirihi (in the name of Allaah at its beginning and at its end).” Saheeh hadeeth, narrated by al-Tirmidhi (1859) and Abu Dawood (3767).

    Posted by admin on Tuesday, August 15 @ 13:56:22 EDT (1710 reads)
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    Forty Hadith Qudsi
    Hadiths and Sunnahs
    Hadith Qudsi are the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) as revealed to him by the Almighty Allah. Hadith Qudsi (or Sacred Hadith) are so named because, unlike the majority of Hadith which are Prophetic Hadith, their authority (Sanad) is traced back not to the Prophet but to the Almighty.

    Among the many definitions given by the early scholars to Sacred Hadith is that of as-Sayyid ash-Sharif al-Jurjani (died in 816 A.H.) in his lexicon At-Tarifat where he says: "A Sacred Hadith is, as to the meaning, from Allah the Almighty; as to the wording, it is from the messenger of Allah (PBUH). It is that which Allah the Almighty has communicated to His Prophet through revelation or in dream, and he, peace be upon him, has communicated it in his own words. Thus Qur'an is superior to it because, besides being revealed, it is His wording."

    Posted by admin on Saturday, July 22 @ 08:06:36 EDT (1394 reads)
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